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Mushrooms and Lichens

Russula emetica drawing
Russula 8x12
Mycena murina drawing
Little Brown Mushroom 5x7
Morel Morchella elata drawing
Morel 7x5
Lungwort Lobaria pulmonaria drawing
Lungwort 7x5
Golden Milky Cap Lactarius alnicola drawing
Golden Milky Cap 12x8
Lackluster Laccaria laccata drawing
Lackluster Laccaria 12x8
Hygrophorus olivaceoalbus drawing
Olive Waxy Cap 17x14
Cystoderma fallax drawing
Cystoderma 7x5
Bird's Nest Fungi Crucibulum laeve drawing
Bird's Nest Fungi 5x7
Cortinarius iodes drawing
Viscid Violet Cort 8x12
Connopus acervatus drawing
Clustered Connopus 14x17
Truncate Club Coral Clavariadelphus truncatus drawing
Truncate Club Coral 12x8
Pixie Cups Cladonia ecmocyna drawing
Pixie Cups 5x7
Fly Agaric Amanita muscaria drawing
Fly Agaric 14x17
Woodland Agaric Agaricus silvicola drawing
Woodland Agaric 8x12