Kim McNett — Naturalist Artist

A bond with nature is inherent to everyone. Out of curiosity and affection for the natural world, my practice integrates visual art, science inquiry, and wilderness adventure. I always strive to understand and convey the true character of my subjects to enrich both myself and my viewers. This interdisciplinary approach to nature art balances my mental, physical and emotional soundness, bolstering courage to face the great ecological challenges of our time.

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Color Media

Wilderness Adventure

The vast horizons of the Alaskan backcountry fuel my fascination and strengthen my spirit. Wilderness miles have provided me with a humble awareness of land formations, wildlife behavior, weather patterns and climate change. Along my travels, I keep a journal to record our daily activities, naturalist observations and citizen science data.

Photographer/videographer Bjorn Olson is my life and wilderness travel partner. Our trips have been sponsored by the outdoor companies Salsa Cycles, Hyperlite Mountain Gear and Alpacka Rafts.


In my home studio, I draw from learned familiarity of ecosystems, landscapes, cultures, and biodiversity to create finished works of art and interpretive illustrations. My projects are often collaborative with graphic designers, scientists and cultural representatives to visually communicate and elevate important messages.

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Teaching Artist

An intimate connection with nature can inspire environmental protection and stewardship. I teach and encourage nature drawing and journaling as a practice that awakens personal relationships to place. I work as a Teaching Artist in the Schools for the state of Alaska and enjoy traveling to remote villages to share my love of nature and art.

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