Kim McNett — Naturalist Artist

Adventure and Art

Artist Statement

Nature drawing and journaling fosters my curiosity and affection of the places that I live and explore. The practice integrates visual art, science inquiry, and personal experience in an enduring process of discovery. As a teaching artist, visual interpreter and wilderness guide, I seek to awaken the bond with nature that is inherent to everyone.

I teach nature journaling and visual art to all ages with lessons that use both logical and creative modes of thinking. My simple exercises help demystify drawing by making it fun and accessible, while inspiring a hands-on relationship with the environment. I believe that nature can lure out the artist and the scientist in every one of us.

Artist Bio

Having a life-long fascination with the natural world, Kim received a Bachelor of Science from The Evergreen State College in her home state of Washington before moving to coastal Alaska in 2009. Her work as an environmental educator, sea kayak guide, and fisheries observer led to an intimate understanding of the local ecosystems and allowed Kim to develop her professional niche as an artist.

At the perennial heart of Kim’s work is her practice of keeping a nature journal to document her explorations, which have taken her across the vast and remote reaches of Alaska. Along with her partner Bjorn Olson, she has traversed thousands of roadless miles in both summer and winter by fatbike, packraft and sea kayak.