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Drawn to Nature...

Variety of life makes our planet miraculous. We are enriched by its abundance and sorrowful in its degradation. By watching the sets and characters of nature, we can foster a deeper sense of value in the natural world.


Alaska’s wild is constantly fueling my creative and scientific mind. As a naturalist artist, my work combines the disciplines of technical drawing, biological and scientific inquiry, environmental awareness and wilderness exploration. I produce interpretive signs and displays, exhibit pen and ink illustrations, complete commissioned work, teach youth workshops and residences, and continuously keep a nature journal. 

Wilderness Adventure

From sea kayak touring to winter fatbiking, my partner Bjorn Olson and I are either on a wild adventure, or in the midst of preparing for one. Learn more about our travels and conservation interests through Bjorn’s media.  

2018 Rasmuson Individual Artist Award 

I am honored to be a recipient of an IAA Project Award. My project goal is to enhance the realism of my nature illustrations through the study of color. The valuable information that color conveys, from diagnostic traits of mushroom species to the moods of the weather, will heighten my skills as an artistic interpreter of the natural world.

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