Kim's Nature Drawings

Biodiversity, the variety of life, is what makes our planet miraculous. I feel so fortunate to bear witness to this wealth, yet a deep sorrow in the certainty of its degradation. Thriving ecosystems are our life support systems, and our fates are tied.

By observing, researching, and drawing the characters of nature, I foster a deeper connection to the world around me.

Here, I share a part of that understanding. Through exposure to biodiversity, we learn of its significance and importance. For how can we love something that we have no knowledge of?

A life-long naturalist and artist, I live by the sea in Homer, Alaska. I have explored many of the intricate and diverse habitats of this area, which never cease to inspire a creative and scientific mind.

Along with artwork, my passions are sea kayaking, wilderness biking, guiding, and exploring.

I hope that by viewing my drawings you will experience curiosity and wonder, as I did in creating them.

 -Kim McNett

All images copyright of Kim McNett. ©2015