Nature Journaling Retreat…

…in the Kenai Fjords

“Here skies are clearer and deeper and, for the greater wonders they reveal, a thousand times more eloquent of the eternal mystery than those of softer lands.”

Rockwell Kent

Join author Erin McKittrick and artist Kim McNett for a nature drawing and writing workshop in the majestic Kenai Fjords.

We will meet in Seward and water taxi to Kayakers Cove for a two-night, three-day stay.

Our beginner friendly instructional workshops will help demystify observational drawing and field journal writing in a practice that will enrich your curiosity, understanding, and appreciation of the natural world.

Join us to explore the surrounding area and kayak to sites that inspired the artist Rockwell Kent during his Alaskan adventures.

May 29th-31st



  • water taxi
  • kayak rental
  • rustic lodging

You need to bring:

  • food
  • outdoor clothing
  • sleeping bag

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Award-winning writer and Erin McKittrick has walked, paddled, and skied more than 8000 miles trhough Alaskas trackless wilderness. She is the author of the critically acclaimed A Long Trek Home, Small Feet Big Land, and Mud Flat and Fish Camps.

Renowned local artist Kim McNett has taught nature journaling and drawing to all ages and abilities throughout the state of Alaska. As an experienced sea kayak guide and wilderness adventurer, she aims to awaken the bond to nature that is inherent in everyone.